Mission Statement

For Central Childcare to be a
Christian Early Childhood Education and Care Centre,
where each child, family, and staff member
is valued, accepted, and assisted to reach their God-given potential.

Who We Are

Central Childcare is an Early Childhood Education and Care Centre (ECE Centre), Licensed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) therefore:

• We are committed to the guidelines and principles of ‘Te Whaariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum’: which aspires for children to grow up as competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.

• We are committed to following and fulfilling the ‘Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations’ and the ‘Licensing Criteria for Early Childhood Care Centres’.

Central Childcare is governed by Central Community Trust, under its mandate “To build bridges between the Church and the Community, communicating the gospel in a practical way through social work meeting the needs of the community.”

• Therefore we are committed to seeing children develop according to God’s plan, and to grow up in a personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

• We are committed to our relationship with Hamilton Central Baptist Church (from which Central Community Trust is derived), as a ministry supported by and part of their wider work with children in the Hamilton community, “Helping to Grow Kids God’s Way – Building Foundations 4 Life”.

Our Philosophy

a) We believe that children are uniquely created by God and greatly valued by Him, and should be treated with respect and dignity and valued as individuals.

b) We believe that children should be viewed holistically, recognising that the five key aspects of a person’s life (intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and social) are interrelated.

c) We believe that building a strong Biblical foundation will assist children to reach their God-given potential.

d) We believe that all children are creative, full of potential, and learn naturally while exploring their environment. Thus we will provide a rich and varied age-appropriate learning environment, where children can follow their interests and are allowed to choose for themselves what they want to do (thus giving them some responsibility for their choices). Children will be able to explore, try things out and experiment as they learn.

e) We believe that children learn best in a positive, safe, caring, stimulating, and age-appropriate environment, where they receive encouragement, have a sense of belonging, and where they are taught and modelled principles and values in a fun and creative way.

f) We believe that caring, qualified, and well resourced staff and teachers will “bring out the best” in the children under their care, and will help the children to develop to their full potential, feeling loved, secure, happy and valued.

g) We believe that parents and whanau are an integral part of the child’s life, and so we will support and encourage them in any way we can, and involve them in “Centre life”.

h) We believe that valuing, caring for, supporting, and well resourcing the staff and teachers will “bring out the best” in them also, and help them to develop to their full potential.

i) We believe that children and adults need a personal relationship with God, through Jesus Christ, therefore opportunities will be offered to children, families, and staff to develop this relationship, in age-appropriate and respectful ways.

j) We believe that all children and adults have a place in our multicultural New Zealand society, and we will seek to interact with and learn about each other with our individual differences in mind, and paying particular attention to the dual heritage of Aotearoa.

k) We believe that a pursuit of excellence, transparency, and adopting policies, practices and management systems in line with ‘Best Practices”, will enable us to manage and effectively run the Centre and fulfil our obligations to our children, families, staff, the Ministry of Education (MOE) and to our governing body, Central Community Trust.